The go activities

The go camp will offer different types of activities around the game of go:

– A MacMahon tournament in 6 rounds (40 minutes per player + byoyomi). All the games will be commented by the go teachers (1 go teacher for 10 attendees, 5 commented games by the group teacher at each round, each commentary lasts about 20-25 minutes). It is possible to de-register for a round that one does not want to play (de-registration the day before).

– Courses for beginners if they are in sufficient number.

– Lectures by the teachers, each lecture lasts about 45 minutes (1 lecture per day)

– Evenings (blitz tournament, team tournament, other playful and friendly evenings…)

Take a look at the schedule of the week.

The go teachers

We expect a minimum of 20 attendees, which means at least 2 teachers (1 go teacher for 10 attendees). We can already announce the presence of :

Inseong Hwang, 8 dan, at the moment 3rd in the European players ranking. Inseong created the Yunguseng Dojang on internet, a very famous go school (https://www.yunguseng.com/). He is also the official go teacher of the French Go Federation.

Tanguy Le Calvé, European pro 1 dan, has been go teacher at the French summer go camp and at the Youth National Go Congress for several years, see his interview on the EGF website https://www.eurogofed.org/index.html?id=257

Depending on the number of attendees, we will be able to invite many more go teachers. Please, register as soon as possible to benefit from the best prices and to ensure the presence of our friends, the go teachers!