The go camp will offer various go activities, for all levels, from beginner to 5 dan, along a schedule that will be shared between go and ski (or any other leisure activity) on a half-half basis:

Basic format

  • workshops in small groups of similar levels
  • lectures
  • simultaneous games with go teachers
  • reading exercices (tesuji, tsumego…)
  • challenges like problems contests
  • evenings (blitz tournament, rengo, other playful and friendly evenings…)

Full-go format

For the passionate players, we propose a “full-go” format, in which you will benefit, in addition to the programme described above, of a personalised follow-up, analysis of your strong and weak points and an individual programme to help you to progress. This format is proposed to players strongers than 4 kyu. It will cost 100€ more than the basic format. You will find it as an option in the registration form.

The more detailed schedule of the week is coming…