With about 50 trainees already registered, we can announce the presence of 6 go teachers at the Winter Camp:

Inseong Hwang, 8 dan, at the moment 3rd in the European players ranking. Inseong created the Yunguseng Dojang on internet, a very famous go school (https://www.yunguseng.com/). He is also the official go teacher of the French Go Federation.

Tanguy Le Calvé, European pro 1 dan, has been go teacher at the French summer go camp and at the Youth National Go Congress for several years, see his interview on the EGF website https://www.eurogofed.org/index.html?id=257

Seongjin Kim, 8 dan, 2nd in the present players ranking in Europe, is go teacher at the Yunguseng Dojang of Inseong Hwang.

Mathieu Delli-Zotti, 4 dan, is in charge of the go teaching at the FFG Summer Camp and at the French Youth National Congress. His teaching techniques are very appreciated by players of all levels.

Denis Karadaban and Florent Labouret, both 5 dan and from the Grenoble Go Club, are also go teachers particularly appreciated in the FFG Summer Camp and at the French Youth National Congress.

They were part of the team which became French club champion (Maître Lim Cup) in 2019.

Florent Labouret and Denis Karadaban (on the left), with Inseong Hwang and Motoki Noguchi, winners of the Maître Lim Cup in November 2019.