We went to Vaujany yesterday in order to explore the ski slopes, and we found that it would be better to ski two full days in the large domain of l’Alpe d’Huez (instead of only one full day), considering the quality of the snow and the diversity of the slopes.

This will be compensated buy two full days of go (see new schedule).

The programme of go activities is unchanged: MacMahon tournament with 6 rounds, all games reviewed, 4 sessions “study groups” of one hour each, and nice evenings with blitz and 13×13 tournaments, simultaneous games and other funny times.

Vaujany also proposes many activities, every day, to which you are invited to participate:

Saturday 25 January, 19:00

Hockey game (with the Grizzlys de Vaujany) at the ice rink (free entrance)

Sunday 26 January, 11:30

Final competition of Catch la Peuf, ultimate frisbee tournament, in the sport hall (free)

Sunday 26 January, 17:30

Welcome drink – Information about the village and “Green Chaud” (quésaco?) (gratuit)

Monday 27, 17:30

Meet the musher (sled dogs) at the ice rink (free)

Tuesday 28, 11h

EISSTOCK & CURLING, “Discovery of la Pétanque du Grand Nord” at the ice rink – Réservation obligatoire 04 76 80 72 37 (free)

Tuesday 28 18:30

Panoramic meal in a gondola – ski lift of l’Enversin (apéritif, fondue savoyarde, dessert, café/thé) for 38 € – Réservation obligatoire 04 76 11 42 77

Wednesday 29, 14h

Défi Glisse à Montfrais : Ski challenge easy and funny ! (free)

Wednesay 29, 21h

Disco Banquise : Musical atmosphere on the ice rink (not free)


Qui c’est ? On dirait bien Florent, notre prof de go ! Il se débrouille pas mal aussi sur les skis…
Florent et Pierre dans l’escalator futuriste de Vaujany.
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